Roof framing – part 1

So, I thought I’d update you on the roof, which is the next step in the build now that the loft floor has been finished. Turns out, if you’ve never built a roof (and are not all that great at math), figuring out how to put framing for this somewhat important part of a house is quite frustrating. Currently, I’m on google about 60% of the time, emailing those more experienced than myself 30% of the time, and freaking out during the remaining 10%. Fortunately, I’m skilled in google searches and quite tenacious, so I’m getting close to solving the mystery of how to get the most room inside the dormers without exceeding highway regulatory heights (13′ 6″, for those who might be interested). I’m also trying to learn the finer points of cutting angled edges on 2x4s…I really don’t have enough cash to play the “trial and error” thing too many times. So. There may be a bit more time between this post and the next one, but hopefully the next post will contain pictures of success rather than a picture of me weeping in front of a topless tiny house.

Any roofers out there? 🙂


About wanderingartemis

Full time indecisive grad student, new owner of tiny house trailer, awkward conversationalist, vagabond wannabe, sort-of anarchist, seeker of eternal adventure

5 responses to “Roof framing – part 1”

  1. Tiny House-Community says :

    I’m enjoying your blog! I’ve featured it in my recent newsletter. Thanks for sharing your journey!

  2. Lucas says :

    If you need help feel free to email me. Been building for to long to remember. Hoping to get started on my tiny home soon. Invest in a speed square (which I’m sure you’ve done.) Then it’s all down hill from there…

    • wanderingartemis says :

      Thank you, Lucas! I appreciate it. I think I might have figured out how to cut rafters, so I’m off to try. But quick question…the plans call for 2×4 rafters. In your opinion, are the 2x4s strong enough, considering the small size? Or should I go with 2×6 (which increases the weight considerably…ick)

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