Loft floor! YES!

Ohhhh…I’ve been waiting for this moment! So. Now, the tiny house is really actually starting to look like a house! The loft floor is officially done, after struggling with finding untreated 4x4s (don’t want nasty chemicals & ugly beams showing in the house) and dealing with securing them and adding the pine tongue and groove floor/ceilings. Oh. It’s awesome.

So. As I said, untreated 4x4s are hard to find. For the most part, you can only find them in redwood/fir/expensive wood that will run you 45$ a piece. Um. That is not in my budget. However, I figured that, if I was picky enough with the grade 1 structural pine 4x4s, I could make something beautiful happen for only 13$ a board. And I did! WHEEE! (There’s your tip o’ the day on tiny house economy, btw).

First, we measured and cut the beams to fit, making sure to check that everything was square as we did so. Because…tilty tiny house…no good. Especially when careening down the highway.

loftbeams2<– Oooooh. Marvel at the beauty! And the economy of “these-weren’t-meant-to-show” grade 1 pine boards!

loftbeams1<– Ahhhhh. The supports for the large sleeping loft are up!

So, after putting up the beams, we had to cut 2x4s to fit between the spaces along the ends of each. This is hard to explain, and will probably prove quite boring, so I’ll just say – it was annoying. But it’s done. So, on to the flooring!

loftfloor6<– BOOM! The first board goes up! To avoid the “busy” look of beaded pine, I opted to aim the v-groove on these toward the bottom, in effect creating a relatively calm ceiling. Yes. The ceiling is calm. Go with it.


It evolved slowly. Slowly but surely…

loftfloor2<– Proof that I did a good job: I did not crash through the structure onto the floor. So. I’d call that a major success.

loftfloor3<–Still holding me. See? I’m up there.


loftfloor4<– Initially, Yfke was not quite as confident in the structural integrity of the loft. But it held. Repeat – no one fell through the floor. Or off of the sides. So there.

loftfloor18<–Pretty awesome, huh? Don’t be bored. It’s cool. Really, it’s super cool.


Ok. Well, the large loft was relatively painless. Literally and figuratively. The small loft above the bay windows that also forms the porch roof was not so cooperative, partially due to the lack of space in which to move, and partially due to the damn parallam beams that make up the front bay window wall (yes, the same beams that crushed my finger. I think they’re out to get me). Turns out that these were slightly off when it came to being square. So our lovely friend Dan helped us beat the beast back with some support beams, which were only removed after the small loft was in. This ensured that it would stay square, and also that I had even less room to move while balancing on a wobbly ladder while wielding power tools:

loftfloor11<–Stable windowsills served as my balancing point here.

loftfloor10<–The wobbly ladder makes its internet debut.

But in the end, it was worth it! Here is the tiny house tiny loft:

loftfloor19<—Snazzy time, people. Tiny dance party, anyone?


So. Why am I so excited about finishing the loft floors? Well, first…they’re awesome and I can stand up high without the fear of falling. Second, and most important, is that I can now begin to frame in the roof! Which is the first part of the last step of finishing the shell of tiny home sweet home! YES! Now, if the weather holds (which it did not do today) I hope to make a TON of progress in this area tomorrow. So there should be another blog entry in the very near future outlining work on the roof. And hopefully, before I (and you) know it, I’ll be posting pictures of my adorable tiny house shell, complete with windows, siding, and roofing. (YES!) The inside will have to take a brief hiatus while I school myself (and others) in my last year of my MA program…but you should know that I’ll be fleeing academia at any chance to get out and add personal flair to what will (surely) be the most awesome tiny house ever. Or at least a contender for the top 10% of most awesome tiny houses.

See you soon!



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