Day 8

Well hello, tiny house fans! This is an exciting post for me, as it covers the framing of my first wall! So. Here’s what happened:

We first cut out tons of lengths per the blueprints. Upon laying these out as dictated by the plans, we realized that the plans were not made to fit the Tumbleweed trailer, despite being made for the Tumbleweed trailer (thanks for the heads-up, Tumbleweed). Upon realizing that we were following mere suggestions rather than accurate framing lengths, we then re-cut wood that ran parallel to the subfloor and all vertical studs above the wheel well. We fit these together like wonderfully heavy puzzle pieces and started the process of gluing (Liquid Nails low VOC glue) and nailing (ring-shanked galvanized nails, 8D, size 2 1/2″). This went relatively well, though – word to the wise – ring-shanked nails do not take kindly to being removed from wood. So…hammer carefully.

tinyhousedayeight2 <- Sam and I, hammering carefully.

In the course of assembling this tiny first wall, I also learned to toe-nail. Not…the things on your feet, people. As I recently learned, a toe-nail is hammering in a nail at a 60 degree angle to secure a piece of the frame to add strength, and also to secure a piece of frame that has no other way to be secured. Turns out I’m pretty good at it, except for the 1 time I smashed my pinky. War wounds. It’s cool. Also, some of the areas were hard to reach due to the wheel wells, but thanks to Sam’s super strong legs, we got that issue taken care of:

tinyhousedayeight4<- Sam, the super-strong!


So, after hammering carefully (yes, we used an actual hammer rather than a nail gun. Why? Because I’ve never used a nail gun before, and if you screw up a piece of the frame, you have to replace the frame. If you use the gun on the sheathing and mess up a few times, you’re still good to go!) and gluing intensely, we ended up with our first frame! We had to let this cure overnight, as the glue takes about 24 hours to set well. So we left the frame out until this morning…

tinyhousedayeight3<- Ahhh! It looks like something is happening!


Having just completed an exhausting (and exhilarating, and death-defying…really, not kidding there…death-defying) day, I’ll leave Day 9’s post for tomorrow. But you should come by and check that one out. Because a lot happened very quickly, some of which might have included a call to a 24 hour nurse line. But I could be fibbing. You’ll have to wait to check that out. 😉






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