Day 4- Subfloor :)

Hello everyone! Back again with an update on the build. So far it’s coming along pretty quickly…the insulation was finished on day 3, and we made decent progress on installing the fascia. Sadly, I have to attend a training program for my graduate program this week, so I’m stuck in a classroom until Friday, dreaming of working on my li’l house. So until day 5…here’s the lowdown on what went on on day 4!

So, first, we finished up the fascia. This was not so fun, as we had some trouble getting the self-tapping screws through the steel frame again. But after much effort (and cursing), we finally finished. On to the subflooooorrr! YES!

So, I started out with 4×8 plywood boards, 3/4 inch thick. I opted to go with the untreated plywood, as it saved me 10$ each, and I don’t love the idea of living above boards that might be off-gassing chemicals into a tightly sealed box on wheels. What I plan to do instead is to use water-based Killz on the subfloor when it’s done – I’ll just roll on a layer with a paint roller and be done with it. Goodbye water, mold, bugs. So…quick fix, and better – cheap fix!

The first board was a bit tricky, as it had to fit over the two back bolts at the tongue of the trailer, all while being flush with the rear fascia. So…I held my breath and measured that out. I used a 5/8 boring bit to make the holes. And, in a true moment of magic and the planets aligning…it actually worked. It worked well!

tinyhousedayfour6<- Whoa. I’d say I had a knack for this, but I think luck had much more to do with it.

So, after that magic moment, the second board went down easily. I left a 1/8 gap between the boards per the blueprints, and before I cut the second board to fit, I secured it with two 1 3/4 self-tapping screws (#10) on the opposite side.

tinyhousedayfour2<- This picture is not really necessary…I just enjoy how badass I look while using a circular saw.


Anyway. The third board was the hardest, as we had to cut a “T” shape to fit it in between the wheel wells. So. I wish I could remember the specs on that for you…I believe the long part of the “T” was 86 1/8 inches, and then 4 3/16 inches in I cut down so the more narrow part was right around 82. I ended up with a gap of about 1/2 inch on either side near the wells, which I hope won’t cause issues further down the road. I did want a gap, however, as I’m not all that comfortable with the wood touching metal – condensation + wood = gross mold/rot. I’ll let you know if this turns out to be an issue in the future.

So, we could only fit 3 boards in the Honda (we could’ve fit 5, honestly, but the surly loaders really didn’t make the experience a friendly one, so we just took off before I got super crabby with them) so we’ll be stopping by to get more from Home Depot on the way up on Saturday. On Friday, I plan to mark out the screw placements on the subfloor that is down, and then begin pre-drilling both the wood and the metal. I have to place screws every 5 inches around 4×7 1/2 boards…so that will be pretty time-consuming work. But the fun news is that Saturday will probably be the day I begin building the sill plates that rest on the frame and fascia, and then I’m ready to frame this tiny beast!

tinyhousedayfour1 <- It’s getting sexy, people. Look at all of that tiny sexy. And in just 4 days!

Very excited. Very. And I have yet to lose a digit to the circular saw, so that’s a plus! Also…not sure if I mentioned this before, but I have never built a thing in my life. So if you’re thinking of building a tiny house…seriously, if you REALLY want to but are holding back because you’re afraid you’ll mess it up – go for it anyway! You can do it. I mean, get some help…because plywood is heavy. But do it. You really should. 🙂



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