Day 3 – Progress!

So, I obviously skipped day 2. Don’t worry…you didn’t miss anything other than insulation installation. So…today was a particularly productive day…I’m excited! After finishing the insulation (see day 1 for details), it was time to finish up by filling in small gaps with spray foam and getting down to business by adding the fascia to the trailer (the wood around the outside of the trailer).

First, I started with varying lengths of weatherproofed, pressure treated 2×6 planks. I had to rout out spots for each of the 6 bolts on the trailer sides, and thankfully, my lovely partner in tiny crime was there to help (go Yfke!)

tinyhousedaythree5<-We worked so hard we set things on fire. Not literally. But it smelled literal.

After routing out the channels for the bolts and cutting the planks to size, we encountered a problem. The self-tapping screws, which supposedly secure wood to metal, were not going through the metal. So we pre-drilled holes in all of the planks and used them as guides to pre-drill holes in the side of the metal trailer with a 1/8 metal bit in a seriously powerful drill (thank you, Dan!)

tinyhousedaythree2<- Look! It’s taking shape! It looks like things are happening!

So…this took a bit, but it’s good not to cut corners when it comes to securing your tiny house to your tiny trailer. So we went overboard, adding screws every 5 inches rather than 6. Part of this was due to the screw size – we were only able to find 2 1/2 screws in #12 rather than #14. So this is how we (over)compensated for that issue. Anyway. Here’s another lovely image from today:

tinyhousedaythree4<-Me, reclining Cleopatra-style on my insulation-laden chariot. Pro-tip: wear gloves when using spray foam. Unless you really love having a thick coating of crap all over your hands for the rest of the day…in which case, carry on.


So…3 days in…and look at the tiny house making not-so-tiny progress!


Stay tuned for Day 4–which will likely include the construction of the 3/4 plywood subfloor, if we can fit the 4×8 boards in my Element!

Tiny house! YES!



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