Day 1 of the build!

And it’s only 90 degrees. What was I thinking? First bit of advice: bring more than one tiny bottle of gatorade with you:


Ok. There’s my selfie for the day. I don’t take them often, so forgive me. Anyway…for those of you who are hoping to build or are just curious about the process…here’s what I did today!

First, I haggled at Home Depot for a better price on rigid foam insulation. It worked, as they didn’t have what I originally wanted. I ended up getting FOAMULAR R-3  1/2 inch boards…tomorrow I have to go to a different store to pick up the 2″ Foamular R-10, which will fit on top of the 1/2 inch boards to form the insulation for the floor. Obviously, I’m going to go overboard on the roof and the floor.

So…anyway…arriving at the build, I first layered Certainteed Membrain in the trailer. This is an “intelligent” vapor/water barrier combo, and hopefully worth the extra coin. This barrier actually expands dependent on the humidity to allow vapor out while keeping water from entering from the outside. You can see the clear plastic in the pictures below…this is the Certainteed Membrain.

After that, I smooshed in the first layer of my somewhat ill-fitting insulation. No worries…spray foam will fill the areas that I missed (because I cannot cut a straight line to save my life. God help me on the framing. Seriously, people…this will be an interesting experience).

After that, I used sill seal with construction-grade adhesive on the edges of the metal where the subfloor will rest. That is the foil on the frame you see in the pictures below. That will not only keep water out, but it will keep my floor from getting cold in the spots where the wood subfloor is in direct contact with the metal frame.

tinyhousedayone4 <- Vapor barrier, 1st layer of 1/2 inch R-3 insulation, and shiny shiny heat break (sill seal)

So. Overall, I spent about 3 hours outdoors in heat that was melting me. But (largely due to the help of a friend – thanks, Meghan!) I did a lot…I can’t finish the whole trailer now, as I have to wait until the hole is cut in the metal flashing on the bottom of the trailer for the sewage system. But until then, I have plenty to do. Next step: Form the wooden fascia around the trailer, which will undoubtedly be a pleasure – I have to rout out grooves in each 2×6 in order for it to fit flush over the bolts on the trailer (the bolts are what hold the home to the trailer. So…they’re kind of important, I suppose!)

Join me soon for more crabbing about insects, how hot it is in NC, and, of course, more steps in building the tiny li’l house of my dreams!


tinyhousedayone3 <- 2 1/2 hours progress. Not bad for someone who has only built 1 shelf in their life, huh? (that shelf is crooked, btw.)


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    Way to go girl, you can do it!!!!!

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